Natural Colon Cleansing Products: Instructions and Home Remedies

colon cleanse products

Colon cleansing sounds like “pipe cleaning” and is also so similar. Only for this the “cleaning agents” are generally gentle and natural. There is a large part of our immune system in our gut. If this location is not quite right, the defense cannot work properly. Many diseases arise when the intestinal flora is disturbed. Constantly recurring sinus infections, colds, throat pain, bloating, digestive disorders, but also allergies, migraine and much more are the result. A damaged intestine can also be completely symptomless for some time.

Intestinal cleansing:

In order to bring a disturbed intestinal flora back into a healthy equilibrium, an intestinal rehabilitation is necessary. This usually consists of a colon cleansing and a reconstruction of the intestinal flora. This means that the bowel is first cleaned of waste. As a result, the intestinal is again able to be absorbed by the useful intestinal bacteria, which are then introduced into the intestinal flora structure.

In the case of a diet rich in animal protein, a sticky slurry is produced that is difficult to digest and can be found in the intestinal walls. Pathogenic germs and parasites accumulate, which leads to discomfort for a short time. If an intestinal rehabilitation does not include the cleaning of the intestines, this usually only provides a brief, temporary relief.

Following are some natural remedies of Colon Cleanse Products:

– Herbs:

For effective colon cleansing, herbs are usually prescribed together with flea seeds and/or healers. The most diverse preparations are on the market, some of them also contain some probiotic microorganisms. Herbs and plant extracts used for colon cleansing include aniseed, basil, angelica root, dill, fennel, thyme, peppermint, elderberry, ginger, blueberries, licorice, olive leaves and much more.

– Bitter Plants:

The intake of bitter plants supports the body in displacing the harmful intestinal germs. Plants, such as dandelion, nettle, artichoke and trail waiter, are rich in special bitter substances, which are used in the context of colon cleansing and intestinal sanitation. These bitter plants are available as granules, as powders or in droplets.

– Flea Seeds:

Flea seeds belong to the source materials. It can absorb an enormous amount of water. This increases the bowel volume, the intestine is stimulated and toxins are bound. It is important, however, that sufficient water must be drunk when taking fleas. The seeds also promote the growth of the healthy intestinal bacteria, which in turn has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. If the intestine is too rarely and/or insufficiently emptied, and residues of metabolic end products are acted upon. These strain the intestinal mucosa, which can develop a so-called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Therefore regular cleaning of the colon is important. With flea seeds, this is done very gently – a method that can be carried out permanently.

– Healing:

Healing is a very simple and inexpensive home remedy and one of the best Colon Cleans Products which is rich in effect. The healer binds toxins, metabolic products, and harmful intestinal bacteria. It thus detoxifies the intestine. Meanwhile, a particularly fine healer is on the market, which is particularly suitable for the cleaning of the intestines. And this happens like a sponge – the harmful substances are absorbed and excreted in a natural way. This healer can be taken over a long period of time. The best is a three-week course with a short break. However, if the patient is used for several weeks, he or she should be consulted in advance. If you do not like the powder, you can get a healing granulate. If medicines are taken, a time interval of two hours must always be adhered to.

– Gray Cure:

Robert Gray, a nutritionist from Oakland, California was looking for an easy-to-treat colon cleansing treatment. This cure, known as the Gray Cure, is not a method which can be carried out in a rapid procedure but takes a period of about three months. The preparations necessary for intestinal cleansing are carefully prepared and do not contain any synthetic coloring and flavoring substances. Unfortunately, this cure is relatively cost intensive. However, when thinking about one’s own health, the price should not necessarily be the focus.

Colon cleansing for children:

Before a colon cleansing is carried out in children, always consult a doctor or a nephropathy expert. Not every herb or finished Colon Cleans Products is suitable for children. Above all, the right dosage plays an important role here.


Colon Cleanse Products are usually done in conjunction with a fasting, detoxification or bowel rehabilitation. This cleansing can become a healthy ritual regularly – for example, twice a year. In today’s life, it is very important to take care of your diet. You must be serious in the healthy direction with a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and an awareness to take your own body signals seriously.

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